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35mm Width Ball Bearing Slide Cold Rolled Steel 

35mm Width Ball Bearing Slide Cold Rolled Steel 

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35mm full extension bearing slide,
Quick separation mechanism, vibration prevention ball strip for absorbing impulsive force and mechanism to prevent drawer from springing out

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35mm 3 Folds ball bearing slide
35mm full extension bearing slide,
Kitchen, Bathroom, Home Office, Living Room, Bedroom, Dining,
Item number
Finish Zinc plated / Black Electrophoresis
Size 200mm-600mm (8''-24'')
Width 35MM
Material Cold rolled steel
Loading capacity 30KG(10")
Height dimension 11.6±0.2mm
Stretching Mode Full Extension
Thickness 0.9mm/1.0mm/1.2mm
Life cycle test 50000 times
Salt spray test 48 Hours
OEM Support Welcome
Packaging & Delivery Acc. To request

•Material: Made of high-grade of Cold Rolled Steel with zinc plated finish will give you precise thickness and smooth surface.
•Specification:20" folded slide length and 39" full extension length,Width:35mm
•Package Includes: Selected Slides, Mounting Screws, Installation Instructions.(Note: The mounting brackets are NOT included.)
•Soft Close function: This feature can make your furniture smooth movements with nice and soft stops. Noise reduction and prevent your baby from pinching. Soft close drawer slides are ideal for cabinetry, desk pedestals and general storage drawers. High load rating allows you to install these slides on any type of drawer.
•There is a black plastic buckle on the back of the slide rail, and the drawer can be easily taken out by pressing it,Easy to install. 3-Fold full extension Drawer Slides, The drawer slide rail is fully extended, so that the drawer can be fully drawn out, which is convenient for storing items.

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Company Profile

MEIKI has a modern workshop covering an area of 100000 square meters, with four factory areas of cold heading wire restructuring, standard parts, die casting and injection molding, as well as perfect mold workshop, automatic packaging workshop and standardized modern warehousing and logistics distribution center, specializing in the production of customized furniture connectors, laminate supports, plastic parts, clothing tube seats, etc.

At present, the company sells more than 3000 kinds of furniture hardware accessories, which realizes the specialization and scale of production and sales, and can fully meet the needs of customers for "one-stop shopping".

The company has a professional sales team and has established good cooperative relations with more than 500 production enterprises in China, such as Quanyou, Boloni, i-le, gujia, etc. its products are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia, and it is also the only three in one complete export enterprise in China. The enterprise has introduced Japanese technology and Toyota Lean production management mode. At present, it is the largest whole industry chain production enterprise in Asia.

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