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Meiki — the starting point is the focus

Meiki — the starting point is the focus

No matter how noisy the world is, the craftsman’s heart must be quiet and stable. People have feelings, beliefs and attitudes, so they don’t take it for granted, that is, they should still do their best among various variables.

 The birth of “Meiki”

Building a brand: in addition to excellent R & D and technical support, a strong production and sales team. The most important thing is the meaning of the brand itself. It includes the culture transmitted by the enterprise, the pattern of enterprise representatives and the character of the team. The most important thing is not only products, but also art and life.

In May 2016, Huaguang company established meiki Co., Ltd. in Japan, and the meiki brand was born. It is a new beginning and the continuation and re upgrading of the enterprise’s pursuit of quality. After two years of preparation, in March 2018, we ushered in the landing of the brand. Huaguang enterprise officially launched the standard parts project, which has changed from traditional business model to entity operation and integrated technology, R & D, production and sales.

 Ingenuity spirit

Focus on doing something, at least be worthy of time and years

Leave the rest for time!

Listening to the rhythmic and dynamic running sound of various machines in the standard parts every day, we feel a sense of sureness and satisfaction. When I watch a pile of rough raw materials go through layers of processes and strict control by skilled workers, and finally come out into a delicate hardware part, I always burst into tears at this moment.

Although it is only a small part, the hundred turns and thousands of turns of the whole production process are fully reflected in every detail of it. From product research to production discussion, to mold development, to production to production, everyone in each link has invested 100% of their heart and care. Only to produce high-quality products is not only your own demand, but also your intention.


Small screw, industrial rice

The spirit of ingenuity is the spiritual concept that craftsmen carefully carve and improve their products. It is not only a skill, but also a spiritual quality.

A small screw, which plays a connecting role and allows two separate objects to be combined into a new finished product, while it is hidden in the work and not seen by others.

But this does not mean that we can ignore the pursuit of product quality. In this pursuit, it is the modesty of an ingenuity team. Keep an modesty, learn from peers, and give yourself enough space to discover and understand the world; It is perseverance. Developing products is a marathon without knowing the destination. Simple start, tortuous process and difficult trade-offs are never easy. Only keep running; It is careful, subtle and extraordinary. Even if there is a little mistake, you should start over again.

 Quality is our commitment to you

We are willing to listen to some of the most precious good intentions that can lead us forward.


Post time: Mar-21-2022