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SS 304/ SS201 door hinge for bathroom cabinet door

SS 304/ SS201 door hinge for bathroom cabinet door

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Nickel Plated Steel 3-Ways Adjustment Stainless Steel Concealed Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinges with Screws and Manual

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Finish Copper+nickel plate
Material SS201/SS304
Opening Angle 105°
Dia of hinge cup 35mm/40mm
Depth of hinge cup 11.6mm
Door thickness 14mm-22mm
  One way
Installation Screw fixing/Clip on/ Slide on
Size Overlay, Half-overlay, Insert
Opening & closing cycle 50,000 times
Salt spray test 48 Hours
Packaging & Delivery Acc. To request

These hinges are manufactured out of 304 and 201 stainless steel, so they’ll look and function great in even the harshest of elements. quiet and no noise, give your home a loving care.Ideal for outdoor applications, or any area prone to moisture: sink areas, garages, boats and beach-front properties to name a few. They also blend in seamlessly with stainless steel appliances and hardware to show that extra-fine attention to detail.
•Opening angle 105 degrees
•Overlay: 17 mm -19 mm, (3/4″)
•35/Bore depth 11mm
•Stainless steel screws included
•Self Closing
•Door thickness 15~20mm
•Finish: Polished

【EASY INSTALLATION】 Full Overlay 110 Degree. Easy installation. Full Suitable for common frameless cabinets, easy for you to install the clip on base. Simply install the hinges on the door, the plate on the cabinet, and “clip” them together. Multi-directional adjustment so your cabinet doors fit perfectly into the door frame.
【SOFT CLOSING】 Soft-closing hinges for cabinets. European Concealed cabinet hinges include durable brass dampers that last longer than ordinary iron. The damper allows cabinet doors to close gently and slowly before closing completely. Safe and quiet. No more slamming cabinet doors! And no pinched fingers while having plenty of time to remove the items you want with both hands.
【DURABLE MATERIAL】 1.5 mm thick stainless steel material, most of the iron hinges on the market are less than 1.0 mm thick. Rust-proof time more than three to five years, the number of use test more than 50,000 times. Let you away from the trouble of rust, because rusty hinges will greatly affect the tightness of the cabinet wood panel. Can be used in any cabinets, especially in wet kitchens & bathrooms.
【ROBUST LOAD CAPACITY】 The weight of a single hinge is nearly 110 g, and the maximum weight of a pair of hinges reaches 7 KGS (the weight of the door panel). It can be used for both small cabinets (using 2-3 pieces) and tall closets (using 4-5 pieces), just increase the number of hinges reasonably.
【ACCESSORIES】 We matched the stainless steel material screws, from the most detailed to avoid the possibility of rust. Also we configure a dual-purpose screwdriver for your convenience. Of course we recommend you to use an electric screwdriver, which will increase the speed of your installation.
【SUITABLE FOR 45/48 MM]】 Hinge Cup size: 35 mm * 11.5 mm. Hinge Hole Distance: 48mm. If your hinges are 48 mm hole pitch, you can buy them and match perfectly. If your hinge is 45mm hole pitch, you can choose to buy it because opening new screw holes will be more stable. Suitable for both hole pitches.
【WORTHWHILE PURCHASE】 If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can choose to pack it and return it to us. This is a very worthwhile purchase, so what are you waiting for. Hurry up and improve the performance of your cabinets!

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